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At FriesenPress, we take pride in every book we create. Each manuscript is read, evaluated and designed to meet the highest quality standards. We care about our authors. Share your story. FriesenPress, through Friesens, has been producing the highest quality print books for over 70 years.   Why Choose Us…

Self-Publishing Insights from the Blog 

Make your dialogue deliver a one-two punch

For many writers, figuring out how to punch up their dialogue is a bit of a challenge. As one literary agent says, “good dialogue illuminates your characters, moves your plot forward and develops relationships.” She goes on to write, “If you find that your dialogue does need explanation, then frankly, something is wrong with your dialogue.”

Surviving in a Heartless world: Teen author Mya Zemlock talks about her zombie debut novel

Zombies are a much more logical, possible supernatural occurrence. If I told you, in twenty years, that vampires were attacking the Earth and that we were all going to die, you would probably laugh, with no doubt in your mind that I was crazy. Even if I told you it was zombies instead of vampires, you still wouldn't believe me. But there would be that nagging voice in the back of your mind that would say, "But maybe..."

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For this first time author, FriesenPress was a breath of fresh air in the self-publishing world...
— Lee Bice-Matheson Author of "Wake Me Up Inside"