"I have always been something of a lone wolf who takes chances.

When I was contemplating whether to go the traditional route of established publishers, I had this nagging feeling inside. Been there. Done that, and quite frankly, I didn’t always like a lot of the experience; the gate-keepers, editors with their own vision, imposing their own style and focus; a lengthy timeline imposed by launch dates and frustrating delays while decisions were made.

I really wanted the creative freedom that comes with self-publishing. I also wanted to control the marketing, the publicity and of course, receive a larger share of the book’s earnings. I did my research, made some calls, read about self-publishing companies and decided that FriesenPress was the outfit that best fit my needs to go indie."

Victor Malarek, Renowned Journalist
& Author of Orphanage 41

"I had some really wonderful assistance and expertise in getting my book to publication. The quality of knowledge and expertise at FriesenPress, as part of the Production and Promotion programs along with their willingness to offer support and help was superb and made this book possible."

Dr Joyce Kovelman, Author of
Crimes Against Humanity: A1H1W2

"My finished book was distributed across the world much faster than I expected. Thank you very much, FriesenPress, for providing me with a great production team whose dedication to work and excellence were phenomenal. You let my passion bloom and turned it into reality."

Jean Ranolla-Collier, Author of
Living Water

"As a first-time author, facing the publishing and marketing of my book was a daunting task. After researching many self-publishing companies, I decided to try FriesenPress. I could not have made a better choice. Everyone I worked with was fantastic: they were highly supportive, prompt at returning calls and emails, and very patient - as every step was a new experience. Also of importance to me was the flexibility I had in working through the process at my own pace. Never did I feel rushed or pressured and I always felt like I was dealing with someone who wanted the very best for my book. FriesenPress will certainly be the company I choose for any more self-publishing."

Wanda Burse, Author of
On Hallowed Ground

"My experience with FriesenPress has been a very pleasant one from beginning to end. My Author Account Manager was most helpful, courteous and very patient when answering my queries; I never waited longer than half an hour for an answer from him when he was in his office. I also liked the possibility for the author to follow the process all along: choosing type size, book dimensions, cover illustration, etc. I was delighted to see the final product of My Journey to Freedom for it was exactly what I had envisaged it to be. Without any hesitation I would use FriesenPress again and it is a pleasure to recommend such a competent enterprise."

Marie-Denise Paquet, Author of
My Journey To Freedom

"As a police officer I am extremely skeptical on the best of days. FriesenPress caught my attention for several reasons. For one, their website was clean and professional. Also, the Better Business Bureau of British Columbia given them an 'A' rating. 

From the moment I contacted FriesenPress through the production phase, the personal touch and customer service was impeccable.

When I received my first order of books I couldn’t believe it. They were gorgeous. I highly recommend FriesenPress to any author who wants to self publish." 

Michael Walton,
Author of APOK

The Zero Hour by Ben Graziose

"Getting a book published can be a very intimidating task for an author. Nowadays, so many options exist that all the information is simply overwhelming at first. I was very lucky to have the FriesenPress team answering my questions and providing me with guidance when needed. I enjoyed my experience working with FriesenPress and cannot recommend their services enough."

Yves Robichaud, Author of
Kaylen's Rising: Tomes of Taria (Picked up for re-publication by traditional publisher)


"When I decided to self-publish, I wanted to work with a Canadian publisher. I went online and looked at publishing companies in Canada and also the U.S. I kept going back to FriesenPress, feeling that they were the best choice. I certainly made the right decision, and have now published a beautiful children's book. I have had compliments from everyone that has purchased one from me—they love the illustrations. Thank you to everyone at FriesenPress."

Margaret Anne Barrance, Author of
The Hummingbird Cat's Tale

"I had 5 or more publishing firms offer to publish my story. I even had a firm offer on a joint venture. My FriesenPress Publishing Consultant was upfront and honest. It wasn’t that they were telling me I was going to have a mass market bestseller. "No," they said, 'I'm not going to lie Kerri: it’s up to you to make this happen'. I loved that most: no bull and no lies. You honestly have to believe in your work and what you have to offer to make it. I did. To have others value your opinion is priceless. How can anyone complain?"

Kerri Krysko, Author of
Kerri On

 "My Book Promotions Specialist took the time to really get to know who I was as an author and as a person to gain a stronger feel for how to market myself and the book. The attention to detail was astounding; professional while maintaining a personal touch. The wisdom I have been given is rendering results that can be felt on an international level. Thank you for always being on the ball and coming to the table with your A-game, FriesenPress."

Ryan Wickham, Author of
Outlaw Principles

"This has been my first publishing experience and I have been very pleased with FriesenPress. They turned out an impressive book with great colors and professional-grade results. If you're publishing for the first time or thinking about publishing, try FriesenPress. I searched for months until I found someone I could trust. FriesenPress is trustworthy—try them and see!"

Robert Justice, Author of
Rainbow Chicken Feed

"I am so grateful for my relationship with FriesenPress – I feel like family. When I meet people who also want to write books, I suggest my publisher, FriesenPress: not because they're a credible company, but because you will be treated like family. It's not about the money; it's about the quality of service. That means a lot to me!"

Latonya Baskerville, Author of
No Matter What