"Taking the first step as an independent author could not be more intimidating. You quickly find that the world of writing is far more in-depth than your finished and polished manuscript. Marketing, public relations, social media platforms, branding yourself as an author, your finished product - the list goes on and on.

And that's why I was relieved to cross paths with FriesenPress! It was far more then just a 'publishing experience' - it was education I never expected.

I was provided a team of phenomenal humans, who were all not only creative geniuses themselves and savvy in the publishing field, but also highly experienced. From day one they were timely and efficient in their work ethic. If I had questions, they were answered immediately, if I had a problem, it was handled quickly. I never felt lost in the process and was guided with fine detail. I was provided with invaluable information about the industry and the construction of building a solid story from editing to designing an eye-catching cover.

I am so proud to have worked with FriesenPress and would recommend them to anyone seeking to not only publish, but invest in an education you won't regret."

Jes Dory, Author of

"When a publishing company promises superior services to its clientele and actually delivers, it ought to be acknowledged and applauded.

Such was the outcome I experienced with FriesenPress after signing on with this agency to publish my first novel.

FriesenPress was recommended to me by a lawyer friend who was in the process of publishing, and upon doing further research into this company, I was impressed with what I learned. This agency delivers on everything it advertises, and more . . . a thoughtful evaluation of the manuscript, excellent editing suggestions, creative cover designs, but most of all, the always-available staff to answer questions in the process along the way to final printings. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!

The sequel to my first novel will certainly be published by this company. I, without reservation, recommend the publishing services of this firm to all authors who wish to publish."

Dr. Donald H. Hull, Author of
Tangleville: Just About Any Town Anywhere

"It's been my dream to have a book published for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know that there was any other way besides traditional publishing.

Discovering that there was a self-publishing option available made it possible, and FriesenPress made my first publishing experience enjoyable and memorable. All their services were professionally done giving me a satisfying result. I am proud to call FriesenPress my publisher."

H.C. Hewitt, Author of
Jacob of Abbington Picketts

"Working with FriesenPress for the publication of my very first book was genuinely a really great experience. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started and they guided me every step of the way.

Astra, my Account Manager, was so kind, patient and attentive while helping me reach the goals and vision I had for my book. I couldn't have done this without FriesenPress."

Meaghan Worthey, Author of
Affirmations of the Soul

"I used to freelance and work in corporate creative writing and communications, which means I was paid to write other people’s stories. I’m independent now, which means I am paid to write my stories. FriesenPress is a great partner. It’s a one-stop shop for my publishing and distribution needs. I’m currently working on my third novel and, like the first two, it will be published through FriesenPress. I love being in creative control with the added benefit of my Author Account Manager’s solid advice and support. Thank you, FriesenPress!"

Laura Michelle Thomas, Author of
Polly Wants to be a Writer & The Naked Storyteller

"I could not even believe that my manuscript manifested itself into a beautiful book, with many color images. It was a very exciting challenge for me, and I am quite happy about it.

I was very lucky to have a highly professional and dedicated Account Manager to facilitate all necessary communications. The designers were also very patient regarding the many changes and revisions I requested in the book. Certainly, this is not the last book of mine with FriesenPress."

Dr. Mehran Basti, Author of
The DNA of Mathematics

"With the Signature Path, I feel like I have received the same level and quality of service that I would receive from an established mainstream publishing house.

My Account Manager and the attentive, accommodating team she assembled were my guide through the publication process from beginning to end.

If you are considering the FriesenPress Signature Publishing Path, you will find a huge benefit to working with a dedicated publishing team. I had several conference phone calls with my Publishing Specialist, Book Designer, and Marketing Specialist, as well as one-on-one phone conversations with my Editor who made my book sing and sizzle. I recommend this package without reservation; my hat's off to FriesenPress!"

Dr. Robert Byars, Author of
Waging War on Cancer

"I had a long-standing dream to publish a book. After writing several drafts of a story and putting them aside, I finally mustered up the courage to reach out and explore the world of publishing.

As I gathered information, I soon discovered the glorious people at FriesenPress, who shared valuable insight about how to propel my work into a published book. It was the hard work and knowledge of my team that turned my fears into hope, my lack of knowledge into wisdom, and my vision into my first book. FriesenPress is responsible for making my dream a reality!"

Daniella Grsic, Author of
Deep Down Inside

"Working with the staff of FriesenPress on my debut novel was a pleasure: my Account Manager was always courteous and professional, and could be relied on to cheerfully solve any problem, no matter how large or small. My insightful Editor made numerous thoughtful, articulate comments on the manuscript and hugely helpful suggestions on ways to improve it - suggestions that ultimately made for a much stronger story. I would absolutely work with FriesenPress again."

D.R. Ranshaw, Author of
Gryphon's Heir

"It was my team at FriesenPress that inspired me and made me believe that there is nothing as real as a dream. They made sure I achieved my goals and guided me past the obstacles of writing a memorable book. It was an experience I will always treasure, working with my team who were always kind, considerate, encouraging and there when I needed a moment of support & some wise advice. I found a bond of great friendship in this whole publishing experience. Thank you so very much FriesenPress."

June Strandberg, Author of
Behind Seven Locked Doors

"The editing and marketing support I received from FriesenPress was outstanding. Their suggestions helped make the manuscript more accessible and readable. This is the kind of help I think all authors would want: to make their work the best it can be.

And, given the dramatic changes in the publishing industry, acquiring expert guidance on marketing one’s book is essential. The advice from the marketing staff was terrific. The increased interest in my work and book are the results of their exceptional support."

Mary V. Gelinas, Author of
Talk Matters!

"Five stars to FriesenPress! Their team of publishing pros and marketing experts were invaluable in turning my draft manuscript into a polished product.

My book has been picked up by Indigo and named to Kirkus Reviews “Best Books of 2016” - and I definitely owe a piece of that success to FriesenPress!

Their publishing process was seamless from start to finish, and I really appreciated the flexibility in the packages they offer. Thanks, FriesenPress!"

Mark Pichora, Author of
You’re Amazing! (Starring You)

“It took me a long time to decide when and how I should publish my book. I was very protective of my manuscript because it was a true story about my life and I needed to have complete control over its production. 

After researching different publishers and printers, I was thrilled to find FriesenPress. I loved very aspect of my involvement with the staff who showed not only their professionalism but also a genuine care for my story.  I especially enjoyed working with my Account Manager, who was always ready and willing to answer my questions and concerns.

I am so pleased with FriesenPress that I was instrumental in getting another author to publish her book with FriesenPress as well!"

Lesia Popadenko Hawrelak, Author of
Orphan of War

"The book came out so much better than I had ever imagined! Certainly in part with the help of your staff. I would like to commend the talent of the designers who really helped bring the book to life with the way they put the different fonts and colors into place.

My Account Manager has been so helpful in guiding me through making decisions that I really had no previous experience with. They've all been terrific at FriesenPress!"

Laura A. Cooper, Co-author of
I Love You Like

"I didn't expect such a wonderful Editor's Manuscript Evaluation, with all its totally devoted, masterful attention to the strengths and the weaknesses of my work. My editor seemed intelligent, insightful, responsive, witty, patient, and more – talented for this job beyond anything I imagined. They dove into my novels with a deep recognition and generous understanding of what I was trying to create, as well as an independent, ingenious, and ruthless sense of how the visions might be better achieved."

 F.W. Watt, Author of
8 FriesenPress-published novels

"Having worked as a journalist in the Philippines before immigrating to the U.S., I am not totally new to the publishing field. But the world of print media has radically changed with the rise of the Internet and the attendant empowerment of independent authors. I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to the 'brave new world' of publishing through FriesenPress."

Daisy Amos Laag, Author of
Mother's Dream

"Being in control of a creative work is a terrifying situation, unless you have a good co-pilot to guide you through the free fall to safety, or on to greater heights.

Now that I know how this works, the future might hold an even bigger success in my writing career. So far, Hidden Star has a life of its own - in print, on-line, and in the libraries of my readers. All I have to do is keep up. Thanks FriesenPress!"

Corinne Joy Brown, Author of
Hidden Star