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Price: $1.50 per 100 words - $200.00 minimum charge

Once your manuscript has been copy and content edited, our editors will perform a character-by-character final pass of your manuscript before your book goes into production. They will be looking for missing words, erroneous cross-references, and persistent misspellings those pesky ones that manage to slip through spell-check unnoticed. They will also do a visual check for formatting issues, such as incorrect word breaks and heading and line spacing; this ensures consistency in the overall layout.

Count the number of words in your manuscript using your word processors word count feature; divide this number by 100, and multiply the result by $1.50. For example, if you have a manuscript that is 20,000 words, divide it by 100; the result is 200. 200 x $1.50 = $300.00

Sample Proofread: