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We’ll make your book available for purchase at over 38,000 online booksellers worldwide, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters Indigo. eBooks are distributed to the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Bookstore, Nook Store and the Kobo Store.

Thanks to print-on-demand technology, authors no longer need to worry about the logistics of stocking books. FriesenPress, along with Friesens Corporation, is partnered with Ingram and Lightning Source - two of the largest and strongest print-on-demand book distributors in the world.



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Book Return Insurance

First Year: $699  |  First Two Years: $799
Subsequent Yearly Renewals: $299 per year 

For bookstores to stock your title, it must be sold to them with a returnable status. This is standard practice with traditional publishers. On-demand publishing services, however, typically sell books as non-returnable since their books only get printed after a sale is made. This approach, although very cost effective for authors, provides a disincentive for bookstores to stock copies of your book.

In order to counter this disadvantage, particularly if you plan to promote your title heavily in the media, you may want to take advantage of our Book Return Insurance service. For a yearly fee, we will list your book as returnable with our wholesaler, thus levelling the playing field with traditional publishers.

Your title will appear with a status of “returnable” with the Ingram Book Company, the largest book wholesaler in North America. This will occur within 3 to 4 weeks from your book being listed for sale with our distribution channels, or, if you have already published your book with us, 3 to 4 weeks from the time you submit your signed Book Return Insurance agreement and payment. Please note that when this service is added post publication, it may take several months for large bookseller chains to update their internal databases to match Ingram's updated ordering information. As a practical matter, we encourage our authors to purchase this service along with their publishing package to eliminate the possibility of lengthy delays later on.

You will be contacted three months prior to the expiration of your agreement to inquire whether you wish to renew your participation in our Book Return Insurance Program for another year.

Color Options

For the first time in the industry, authors can now choose between Standard and Premium Color options when publishing their book.

Standard Color

Printed using modern inkjet technology. This option offers a lower cost per unit and is printed on premium 70lb white paper. The Standard Print option is the most common standard used for POD printing today. Due to the nature of inkjet technology, voids – white lines 1/600 of an inch in width – may occur from time to time.

Standard Color books can only be printed in our US printing facilities. However, when ordering 1,000 or more color books you may choose to custom print your Standard Color book in Premium Color Format from our Canadian location. We will provide you with a quote when creating custom orders or when you print in large volumes.

Premium Color

Printed using digital color print engine technology. This option offers superior color quality on premium 70lb white paper.

Premium Color books can be printed and shipped from all locations. While most of our locations will print any number or type of color books our Canadian facility will only accept orders of 1,000 or more Premium Color books.

See the difference for yourself: email and get Standard & Premium Color Sample books sent right to your door! Prices in CAD:
Canada: $10  |  United States: $15  |  International: $25

Please note: Standard & Premium Color printing refers to the book interior only.