Premium eBook Upgrade 


Due to the unprecedented purchase of tens of millions of eBook readers, tablet computers and smartphones over the last few years, a new breed of consumers are now entering the book market. The great news is that the majority of these sales complement existing purchases by traditional book consumers, adding a powerful new sales channel for your book.

As a result, we have developed the most comprehensive eBook distribution network in the self-publishing industry. In addition to Amazon Kindle Store distribution (already available through your Fiction or Non-Fiction Mass Market Bestseller packages), we also provide Nook Store distribution (Barnes & Noble), Kobo Store distribution (Chapters-Indigo, Walmart, Best Buy), Google eBookstore distribution (Android-based tablets and smartphones), and Apple iBookstore distribution (iPad/iPod/iPhone), covering virtually every available brand of eBook readers, tablet computers and portable devices.

If you wish to maximize your book availability beyond your paperback and hardcover editions, we will lay out your book in all popular eBook formats, protect them from unauthorized copying with digital rights-management software, and make them available through our extensive eBook distribution network.

Note 1: Our Premium eBook Upgrade service can only be ordered with the purchase of a Fiction or Non-Fiction Mass Market Bestseller publishing package. It is not available as a stand-alone service.

Note 2: Due to high conversion costs, color picture books, poetry books, cookbooks, and table, graph, and list-intensive books are currently not eligible for our Premium eBook Upgrade service.