2016 FriesenPress
Author's Guide to Self-Publishing

You have a story and it deserves to be told — but what is the best way to tell it? For a growing number of authors, the answer to that question is self-publishing. There are numerous reasons that so many authors are turning to self-publishing — better royalties for the authors, the inaccessibility of the traditional publishing route, and the fact that self-publishing is now affordable — and this document is here to help you better understand how such a choice may be right for you.

Guide Contents

  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing: the facts
  • Why authors love FriesenPress
  • History is on your side
  • Questions you should ask when choosing a self-publisher
  • The importance of professional editing
  • Common editorial add-ons
  • Design: first impressions count
  • Marketing: connecting with readers
  • Choosing the right publishing package
  • Common self-publishing terms

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