Media Promotion Services

Sharing your book with a variety of media outlets plays a very important role in the overall marketing and promotion of your book. Media exposure can boost your credibility as an author, increase awareness of your book, and ultimately improve your sales. The services listed below are offered to build your confidence in approaching and understanding the media, as well as providing you with services that save you time and increase your chances for success.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Press Release

Price: $329

As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” When it comes to press materials this is truer than ever, since you'll be competing for the attention of the media. Editors are looking for press releases that have stories to tell or compelling information that will be of interest to their audience. To increase your chances for success, our Book Promotions Team will first create a “media hook” for your book, and then write a compelling press release with a newsworthy angle. With this industry standard and professional press release in hand you will be equipped to start approaching print media sources and contacts.

Book Cover Services

The look of a book and the text found on it's cover are without a doubt, the first things that catch a reader's eye. Picture this: you walk into a book store with no clear intention on which book to purchase, and instinctively head toward the shelf displaying your favourite genre. As you stare at thousands of titles by hundreds of authors, you start to notice a few that catch your eye. Next, you flip the most alluring book over and read the back cover, start to finish: you're completely hooked. We know our authors need their books to stand out and draw readers in, and we do everything we can to help you make your book irresistible to readers. Let our professional editors share their talents and insights and assist you in creating the strongest and most effective book cover possible.

Training Modules

Book Promotion Plan

Price: $499

Promoting a book is much like promoting any other type of product or business. It takes time, effort, and, above all, good planning. Our Book Promotion Plan service provides you with all the necessary tools to develop and run an effective Book Promotion Plan. You will be provided with a number of modules, which contain great marketing information and exercises. This service also includes guidance and support in the form of coaching from one of our Book Promotions Specialists as you work towards developing your plan.

Some of the things that you will learn about and develop while undertaking the Book Promotion Plan service are:

  • what is a target market, and what is your book's target market;
  • who are your competitors;
  • where are your readers located physically and on-line;
  • what is a unique selling proposition, and what is your book's unique selling proposition;
  • what marketing platforms are available to market your book through;
  • what are your marketing strengths and challenges; and how to turn quantitative sales goals into daily/monthly promotional tasks that will enable you to meet those objectives.

At the end of the modules and coaching, you will have developed a framework Book Promotion Plan that is geared towards your book's specific target audience. With this framework, you will be well on your way to successfully promoting your book through your chosen channels.